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Small report can be found in Purity's old Smackdown Column. This was the first time we saw mid-europeans make their way to QHLAN: Flag ie.gif Koopa, Flag gb.gif Blitz, Flag nl.gif Blixem, Flag nl.gif Hoodlum, Flag nl.gif g00k, Flag nl.gif FlePser, Flag nl.gif YveZ.
The LAN featured a lot of good players, old and (back in the day) newer names. Especially the 1on1 tournament had a lot of good players. A quite large report on it can be found here, it's in Russian by Doomah but you can read the names and scores obviously. You can find players such as Nikodemus, SoD!, Seese, Siv, Slime.





Among other 4on4 teams were Flag se.gif The Fighting Foes (Manu, Molle, Offbreed, ok98, Bass), Saer (Griffin, Phantasy, Charlie, Nagash) and Flag no.gif Lumbago (The Chosen One, Timmi, Premortem, tr0ll).

The 2on2 final was surrounded by controversy, after Mrlame and Griffin lost 2-0 to Dag and Space in the winners bracket they won the losers bracket. They agreed on a time to play but Mrlame and Griffin didn’t show up. Then when they were back, Dag had to go as his lift home arrived. This meant that the 2on2 went to Griffin and Mrlame by WalkOver, great game.


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