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Rikoll did a comeback in 2007 after eight years absence from QuakeWorld.

As of December 2012, probably the most winning major duel tournament player in QuakeWorld's history


  • Real name: Håkon
  • Date of birth: 1984
  • Nationality: Flag no.gif Norwegian
  • Current clan: Flag se.gif Suddendeath
  • First spawned: 1998
  • Colors:   0    12 

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Clan history[edit]



"Fraggers United - You'll never frag alone. Until your mates go sauna."
- After an offical game in EQL8 vs Fraggers United 2, where two players left stated they'd rather go Sauna than play the rest of the match. [9]. The quote, derived from the welcome message in #fu, resulted in a ban from their IRC channel.

"Zyntifox has decided to leave us after acting childish concering an IRC matter."
Rikoll began his career as Zyntifox in The Vicious Vikings. This was how he left in November 1998, according to old logs.

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